Company Profile Linkweld

Founded since 2003 and with 15 years of experiences, Linkweld (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. are reputed and continuing as leader in distribution of global quality of welder, welding consumable, welding machine, cutting machine, beveling machine, marking machine and drilling machine. The product ranges are also broaden to cover such Column & Boom, Marking Machine, Tube to Tube Sheet, Positioner, Plasma Cutting, CNC, Drilling Machine and Automation products. With our strong mission to deliver world-class quality and speedy service, our ranges are always at the top rank from famous brands, for example TriTool, Asea, Tayor, magnatech, Karnasch, Sandvik, Sniper, and more. Thanks to our mission and ranges, it results to the nationwide trust from many mega projects and continue growing more and more.

Linkweld (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is committed to sourcing the best products and great technology, together with our excellent support to all customers with professional teams and services, at your value investment for your best TCO.