Controller MCU-200BN

Marksman CNC Dot Pin Marking Machine Control Unit
(Model MCU-200BN)

The latest special version of versatile MCU-200BN, well suited to a wide range of industrial environments. It has a LCD front surface of controller of which size is 240mm x 128mm for user’s friendly. It makes you modify and input the data easily. The MCU-200BN is rated for operating temperatures up to 50?C with no cooling required and features a cable entry seal for power, marking head, serial and 1/0 connections. The function of USB and SD card help you back-up and
restore the data easily.

Specification :
• Dimension with connectors – Dimension with connectors
• Electric – FreeVoltage (26485V~264V,50/60 Hz)
• Memory – 44 letters. 999block
• Weight – 3.5 kg.
• Material of case – Steel
• External switch
• RS-232 & 422 serial port
• PLC 1/0 Interface
• Radiant of heats
• Combined PH/LP or PH/Scratch System
128 Graphic LCD Display
• Marking Speed (in case of PH system)
2mm height = 4 ~ 5/second
3mm height = 2 ~ 3/second
• Lenghtof cable : 2M , 5M , 1 OM , 15M

Features :
• Most important function can operate as a standalone unit or with a PLC through RS-232 cable using JS-1000 s/w
• Easy select to LP/PH system
• No air cooling system inside of the MCU
• Linear, circular, oblique-line, angle and circumference marking, Hexagon marking
(with CDC-20)
• Automatic serialization, date coding, julian calendar special date coding, day&night&week coding, UID marking
• Embedded four kind of standard fonts (Std1 , Std2 , Std3, Dot)
• Single block & Multi blocks data, Auto CAD PLT file marking and special logo marking
• 20 Data-matrix marking
• Uses SD, SDHC and USB for more convenience to up & down load and backup the data
• Able to communicate with all kinds of PLC through 1/0 interface

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