Controller MCU-300BN

Marksman Dot Pin Marking Machine Control Unit 
(Model MCU-300BN)

MCU-300BN is the most economical compact size controller among Marksman products. LCD on the controller makes you input and modify the marking data easily by keyboard. While the MCU-300BN can be integrated with our new PC software named JS-2100 on the computer via RS-232 cable.

It also has an external “Stop, Start and Reset” switch for customer convenience.

MCU-300BN is able to support any language and all window font when MCU-300BN is connected with JS-2100.

MCU-300BN can be worked with all marking head among Marksman products except for scribing head.


-Dimensions with connectors: 160mm(w)X120mm(L)X285mm(H)

-Electric: Free Voltage (85V~264V,50/60 Hz)

-Weight: 4.5 KG

-Material of case: Steel

-External switch

-RS-232 serial port

-PLC, I/O Interface

-Radiant of heats

– 128 Graphic LCD Display

– Marking Speed (in case of PH system)

2mm height = 4 ~ 5 / Second

3mm height = 2 ~ 3 / Second


  • Super Fast! Up to 5 letters per second (2mm height)

  • Easy Select to LP/PH System on S/W

  • Linear, circular, angular and Cylinder marking(with CDC-20)

  • Automatic serialization, date coding, Julian calendar special date coding, day & night coding, Shift code.

  • Embedded 4 kind of standard fonts (Std1, Std2, Dot, User font)

  • Auto CAD PLT file marking, and special logo marking

  • 2D Data-matrix marking, Logo marking on JS-2100 S/W

Able to communicate with RS-232 and PLC through I/O interface


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