Submerge Wires (LSW-EM12K) and Flux (LSF38)


LSF-38 is an active flux. It is designed for butt or fillet welding on sheet metal with nice bead appearance, porosity resistance and good slag removal. It is recommended for single pass welding steel plate under 25 mm thick.


Typical applications include pressure vessels, H beam, pipe-mill application, shipbuilding and general steel structure.

Notes on Usage:

  1. Dry the flux at 350℃for 60 minutes before use.
  2. Not recommended to welding more than two passes.


AWS A5.17 F7A2-EM12K

JIS Z3183 S502-H

Typical chemical composition of weld metal (wt%)

C Mn Si P S
0.09 1.33 0.6 0.015 0.010

Typical mechanical properties of weld metal

YP N/mm2 TS N/mm2 EL % IV – 30 ºC J
415 525 31 46

Sizes and recommended current range ( DC+)

Wire: Diameter (mm) 2.4 3.2 4.0
Wire: Weight per roll (kg) 25 25 25
Flux: Weight per bag(kg) 25 25 25
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