Submerge Wires (LSW-EM12K) and Flux (LSF56)


LSF-56 is a neutral flux. It is designed for multi-pass groove welds. With nice bead appearance, porosity resistance and good slag removability. High welding efficiency, good toughness can be obtained. It produces good impact property and minimum 500N/mm² tensile strength when used with LSW-EM12K.


Typical applications include pressure vessels, shipbuilding and general steel structure.

Notes on Usage:

  1. Dry the flux at 350°C for 60 minutes before use.
  2. When performing first pass welding, it is recommend to use lower current to prevent cracking.


AWS A5.17 F7A2-EM12K

JIS Z3183 S502-H

Typical chemical composition of weld metal (wt%)

C Mn Si P S
0.08 1.60 0.53 0.019 0.015

Typical mechanical properties of weld metal

YP N/mm2 TS N/mm2 EL % IV J
460 560 29 – 30 ºC J – 40 ºC J
55 40

Sizes and recommended current range ( DC+)

Wire: Diameter (mm) 2.4 3.2 4.0
Wire: Weight per roll (kg) 25 25 25
Flux: Weight per bag(kg) 25 25 25
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