Stand Alone Marking Machine MH-80

MARKSMAN Stand Alone Marking Machine : MH-80

The function and quality is MH-80 is almost same as MH-115.

Only different is a case made by steel and guideline. Therefore, it’s light and easy to installation. The moving guide made by iron and X, Y-axis has a rollers(Bearing) inside for smooth and long lifetime of moving.


Model MH-80
Dimension with connectors 230 mm (W) X 230 mm (L) X 210 mm (H)
Marking area 95 mm (X) X 75 mm (Y)
Connector 24pin connector
App. Air pressure 2 ~ 3 Bar
Weight 8 KG
Moving guide for X and Y axis Iron (Bearing guide)
Motor Stepping motor
Material of case Steel


o    A Competitive price with good quality

o    A Dust Cover; protect dust from bad environmental

o    A Sound Proof Cap for reduce noise (Only PH-Pin)

o    A variable and easy installing to customer(s) own systems

o    Able to use LP and PH pins

o    Do not need a power cable

o    A customer OEM installation or with T-300 table

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