AXXAIR Orbital Tube Cutting CC121

The AXXAIR CC121 orbital pipe cutting tool is made to cut up to 4” (4.5”OD) pipe. Primarily used for cutting, the AXXAIR CC121 can also be used for beveling up to .31 wall. The CC121 also comes with a dual-output cutting motor (with 2 blade positions for uptake).


  1. Food processing industry
  2. Beverage industry
  3. Pharmaceutical industry
  4. Aeronautics
  5. Semiconductor
  6. Chemistry-oil industries
  7. Nuclear
  8. Markets – Sea water desalination, tube production and customized cutting and/or bevelling, criogenics,urban street elements stainless steel

Product Features :

  1. High pricision cut
  2. Orbital cold cutting
  3. Good surface quality
  4. Easier to move onsite and workshop
  5. Easy to operate
  6. Clamping with out tube deformation
  7. One motor can cut and bevel


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